If you are at the end of a PCP, PCH or HP agreement and are handing your car back to the finance company, you may be hit with a large bill for ‘wear and tear’.

But you kept the vehicle in tip-top condition, right? So why are you being told to pay up?

Very often these inspections are poorly carried out, leaving you facing a huge bill for the supposed damage, and if you argue back, possibly even a Default Notice on your Credit File.

Our engineers act fast to inspect the vehicle and establish the true cost (if any) of the damage you are being told to pay for.

Don’t just take their word for it, get the experts at Reject My™ on your side and be certain, every time.

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Then, once you engage Reject My™, sit back and relax, knowing you have the experts on your side!

Why RejectMyContract?

Why you can trust us to deal with your dispute.


The Reject My™ Team have decades of experience in the Automotive, Legal and Finance spaces.

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Our Managing Director Ian Ferguson started in the motor trade in 1985, gaining experience of all the major automotive brands and building successful and customer focussed teams. Over the years he has held a number of senior positions in large Dealer Groups and also spent many of those years working for one of the top global vehicle manufacturers.

Our Team have a deep understanding of the issues and difficulties faced by Consumers trying to resolve their vehicle disputes, and nobody is better placed to guide you through the process of rejecting your vehicle and obtaining the best outcome for you.

Our Team are hand-picked for their experience, empathy and ability to drive a result. From the moment you contact them to the point of settlement, they are on hand to ensure that your case is handled individually and achieves the best possible outcome.


Reject My™ started resolving cases in January 2019, and since then they have helped hundreds of Consumers rid themselves of faulty and defective cars, vans, motorhomes, motorcycles….and even a hot-tub!

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In the first two years of operation, we secured refunds for our Clients on vehicles collectively worth over £3m, on cars valued from £5000 to £180,000 including a number of older ‘classic cars’ and hand-built sports cars.

We have had some great articles published in the Motoring press and have recently been shortlisted for a consumer action award.

What do our Clients say?

Reject My™ are the top-rated dispute resolution service on TrustPilot with a Five-Star rating!

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We only recently joined TrustPilot after calls from our Clients asking us to make it easier for them to tell others of their situation and outcome.

Our ratings speak for themselves and every one of our Clients enjoys the benefit of our contacts and experience, very often asking our advice on their next car.

After we secure the rejection of your faulty vehicle, whether you need a referral to a great dealer or arranging an engineer to inspect their next purchase, the Reject My™ Team are on hand to help.