“So, you are here to see the swimmimg pool!”

“So, you are here to see the swimmimg pool!” said the chap from the Service Dept.

This was the welcome my engineer got today when he visited Wessex Garages Nissan Bristol to inspect the Nissan Motor Corporation ‘flagship’ EV, the £54,000  Nissan Ariya.

The inspection was needed because the car is leaking water and has other related component failures, and newly discovered historic, undeclared and poorly repaired body damage.

The dealer had cleaned the car within an inch of its’ life pre-inspection, but the car interior was still damp.

What they forgot to do in their rush to sweep the issues under the carpet was TO LIFT THE CARPET!

Under the boot floor where the battery modules and battery sit, the whole system was under 8” of water, and the battery was fizzing away. Don’t believe me, look below!

Now, you only have to google ‘EV car fire’ to see the devastation an EV car battery fire will wreak, and so when I told the dealer manager he should probably immediately quarantine the car and disconnect the battery, I have to say, I’ll take a pound from anyone that he did nothing. Prove me wrong Darius!

Moving onto the rest of the car and you can see the tailgate strut has ripped the mountings from the rear boot aperture, this alone may render the car ‘Cat S’ but the engineer will tell me for certain.

The tailgate strut ripping off might be due to the fact that the car has also had a proper bump and was repaired pre-sale (by whom I do not care) before being punted on as a brand new £54,000 EV.
Panels with up to 12mm of body filler tell another part of this horror story and Halloween isn’t even for another week yet!

You would think a company like Nissan UK would do anything to remedy this awful situation, but not so.
They offered £200 compensation. Yes, you did read that right! £200 quid…

The dealer manager was quick to tell me the Wessex values, and how much they will take care of customers. I must admit I was not getting the same warm fuzzy feeling he seemed to have, I get the feeling the values are nothing short of a strap line on an advert.

Knowledge | Value | Transparency | Trust

Time will tell if they are anything more than a bit of aliteration.

Reject My Car – another ‘shocking’ case!

*library pic of car not actual car

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