The Motorhome Mafia…

I refer to this part of the motor trade as The Motorhome Mafia…..

You may recall this case a few weeks ago, well it is time to raise the profile and signpost those involved as to where it is going.

United British Caravans Ltd sold this Bailey of Bristol #Adamo motorhome to my Client, brand new and straight from the factory.

**Update, these two organisations have just blocked us on LinkedIn and untagged themselves from our post. Cannot handle the scrutiny chaps?**

Only completely by chance the day after they collected it, the Client was looking out their upstairs window and spotted these appalling repairs to the roof, right where we already know of a deficiency in the construction.

The drop-down-bed mechanism is causing the structure to twist split and rip.

These defects are, according to the dealer “entirely to standard” and according to the manufacturer “quite normal”.

These are not repairs, this is how the factory makes them 🤣

(NB – April Fools Day has already passed, this is the 2025 draft!)

We had another expert look at the repairs and he reckons these are plastic end caps from UPVC extrusions, cut and stuck into place as an attempt to strengthen the failing structure. There also is a wooden packer painted white, but the huge white glob of sealant makes it hard to tell what it actually is!

If you recognise their origins, let me know! #answersonapostcard

Neither side matches, so I am going to call this the #Bailey Asymmetric

These motorhome dealers are a law unto themselves, they have had it too good for too long.

But the law is the law and despite the Short Term Right To Reject being exercised after only 3 days, this crowd refused to accept the rejection.

We are already litigating against a number of these dealers and on Bailey product too, this will simply be another onto the conveyor belt.

I am considering a group action on motorhomes in general to really hit these rogue traders hard.

If you or anyone you know is considering buying a #Bailey motorhome from any dealer, take a pair of ladders and check the roof before you hand over a penny.

If you have already purchased the motorhome and have issues like this or the other known issues such as ‘blown’ side panels, water leaks, rusted chassis, missing body bolts then get in touch with us straight away!

Reject My Car – No Happy Campers! 🚐🚐🚐

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