Treating Customers (UN)fairly??

This week has seen a disturbing case develop……

…..and any finance professional or finance company director should be appalled at what seems to be an attempt by a national finance provider to circumvent the Consumer Credit Act and act as judge, jury and executioner!

My Client bought a Vauxhall Cars #Corsa from Drive Motor Retail Limited a few years ago, and almost from the outset it was unreliable. I await DSAR for the full list of breakdowns to see just how unreliable it is!

It was in recently (again) for repair and my Client had some fractious discussions, but suffice to say she had concerns it was not repaired properly, and they all fell out over the courtesy car being returned.

The finance company, in full knowledge of the situation tried to suggest the car was “abandoned”, even though they knew the car was in for another repair.
I became involved and the car was returned to my Client, although the Drive employees let their company down badly with their heavy handed aggressive tactics whilst doing so.
10 miles after it was returned, it broke down.
Incapable or incompetent, it makes little difference, they said it was fixed. It wasn’t!

So why would a finance company say “abandoned”?
It is simple really, they can repossess the car without a Court order or permission.
They need both because the Client has paid some 70% of the total amount payable.

The next question is, why the finance company did not simply inform the consumer of their ‘halfs and thirds’ rights, allowing the consumer to simply hand the car back and let them walk away from both a bad dealer and a bad car??
Where is the desire to adhere to FCA TCF rules??

Anyway, this one has a way to go yet, but I have enlisted the help of the local Member of Parliament and he is very much on the case.

#consumerprotection #consumeraction #finance #automotive

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